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Student verification

Users verify their student status through Diverzum


The student activates the student discount and then makes a purchase on our partner's online store


We only receive commission after the purchases

The Diverzum Story

“High school friends turned business partners, and at 25 they run Hungary’s largest student discount network. Even those who are not part of their tens of thousands of TikTok followers could get to know Miklós László and Fanni Gyarmati in Shark Tank.”

The founders of Diverzum have since convinced several prominent investors, more than 70 brands, and nearly 200,000 students, and they have also made it onto the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

3 reasons to offer student discounts

Building Brand Loyalty

Students are in a formative phase of their lives, as their consumption habits develop during their young adult years. Providing student discounts is a great way to establish an early emotional connection with them.

This communicates to students that the brand cares about them – and it’s no secret that Generation Z appreciates special attention.

In fact, 90% of youngsters consider trying out a new brand if it offers a student discount. Moreover, 66% remain loyal to brands where they made purchases during their student years.

Brand Awareness

To capture and retain Generation Z, traditional marketing tools are no longer sufficient; a holistic approach is necessary for conscious brand building.

Conveying authenticity and a strong set of values is of paramount importance to convince young customers. Offering student discounts implies social responsibility, thereby helps establish trust with young consumers.

As a result, our customer conversion rate stands at 12%, which is 3 to 4 times higher than the e-commerce sector average.

Marketing Tool

Diverzum is an effective marketing tool: through our platform, we can precisely target Generation Z consumers and communicate with them efficiently.

Thanks to our commission-based model, we only charge fees after successful purchases. This allows for even better optimization of acquiring future purchasing power. Data collected regarding users and their purchases enables efficient, segmented communication.

As 77% of students consciously seek discounts during their purchases, Diverzum will always be relevant to them. The appetite for seeking discounts has multiplied since the onset of high inflation.

Diverzum App

Our Partners

Shark Tank

Diverzum also appeared in the 2023 series of the RTL show “Cápák között” (Shark Tank). All the Sharks wanted to invest in the company. After lengthy negotiations, the founders eventually accepted the offer from Petya Balogh. “Those who can build new channels and engagement towards young people will be valuable to global brands looking to reach customers in their early adulthood,” said the investor to Forbes.hu.


Thanks to the investment, the Diverzum app was released; the vast majority of users now activate student discounts through it.

Our Channels to Students

Through our student life-related digital content and physical appearances, we reach 500,000 young people per month in Hungary.

Push Notifications and Carousel

Through notifications sent by the Diverzum app, we can deliver the most current messages to students. These notifications can be reviewed later within the "News" section of the app.

For students, upon entering the app, at the top of the Home page, there is a scrollable strip known as a carousel. This carousel displays our partner's logo as well as other messages, images, and updates.


On this platform, we bring students closer to brands with dynamic and youthful videos. This is the optimal space for brand building, as 90% of young individuals are already on TikTok, and they prefer consuming video content over traditional static images.

Offline Events

Throughout the year, we regularly attend various events organized for students, such as festivals, freshman camps, university lectures, and other gatherings. As sponsors, we would be delighted to have you join us at these events, allowing for an additional physical presence alongside our online visibility.

Instagram & Facebook

We can reach our Instagram and Facebook followers multiple times with the same message. On these platforms, we share a large number of interactive and engagement-boosting content, helping us build a strong community.

66% of young people who make a purchase with a brand tend to stay loyal to that brand in the future. This is where brand loyalty is established.

László Miklós, Co-founder of Diverzum, on Jazzy Radio.

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Continuously growing

We have already convinced 25% of Hungarian students.

What Students Say About Diverzum

Omnibus-Compatible Operation

The discounts offered by Diverzum are in line with the EU’s introduced European Union Requirements to Indicate Product Prices Regulations 2022 and the Hungarian Pricing Regulation based on the directive (often referred to as the pricing provisions of the Omnibus Directive).

These regulations do not encompass personalized discounts, hence the offers Diverzum provides to those holding valid student IDs are fully compliant with legal requirements. Your brand can confidently join Diverzum as a student discount partner, ensuring legal compliance and adherence to consumer protection rules.

Case Studies

A permanent 25% discount on the per-minute rate.

This is a very attractive value proposition for students and gives the brand a clear competitive advantage in youth acquisition and brand loyalty over competitors offering a similar solution.

 2500 Ft discount for the first purchase, then 1200 Ft coupon once a month on further purchases.

The high discount on the first purchase is perfect for attracting students, who will keep coming back for the monthly offers. Habit building is a long-term investment in this segment.

Ongoing 15% student discount, with regularly available Flash Discounts.
Flash Discounts are an additional incentive to make purchases, as these types of discounts are only available for a short period of time. This creates a sense of FOMO for students, and the expiry date of the discount also gives a topicality to marketing communications.


Understand Gen Z better than your competitor

Generation Z have spent almost their entire lives in the age of the internet, which has made their attention span drop to 8 seconds – the average amount of time they focus on one thing before they are distracted by something else. Even goldfish can successfully compete with this timeframe. 


But young people cannot be blamed for all this. They are born into an accelerated world in which they have to absorb and process a lot of stimuli. Stimulating content and endlessly optimised user experiences are being delivered to them constantly. This makes it extremely difficult for brands to capture their interest and retain their attention.

Effective data collection on the shopping habits of future consumers

We help your brand reach the consumer segment that is traditionally the hardest to reach.  We can provide you with useful information about the buying habits of our active Generation Z community (anonymously and in aggregated form, of course, in full respect of data protection laws). This data, which is highly relevant for the future of your brand, can be used to segment your messages or test your offers effectively.

Content marketing - that captures the attention of Generation Z

Competing with Gen Z itself in content production? As this age group is the most likely to consume content produced by their peers, this is perhaps the most difficult task.

At Diverzum, we had an easy job, as we started producing content after concluding our university years, still being close to this age group . But even so, it’s mainly people 5-7 years younger than the founders who work on TikTok videos, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, which can bring your brand a lot of attention.


The minimum age on Diverzum is 14, but 69% of our users are over 18.

Our solution verifies student status using a central database, and then re-verifies eligibility annually. A student can only register once on Diverzum.

We can limit the use of discounts per user. Only one code can be activated by a student in a given timeframe. This prevents misuse. In addition, we are also open to incorporating individual needs of limitation. Please let us know your requests in this regard.

To cooperate, we will need several thousand single-use coupon codes or a universal code. These will only be given to students who activate the discount.

When a user activates a brand’s student discount, we redirect them to our partner’s ecommerce site where the purchase is made.

Not only online, but also on-site, in-store discounts are available. In this case, the discount is used and tracked using the barcode or QR code displayed in the app.

Thanks to our commission-based model, we only charge a fee for successful purchases. For content production, custom collaborations, marketing placements, we work on an individual agreement basis, please contact us for details.

It is possible to display periodic promotions by using the Flash Discount option. In addition to the existing student discount, we can add additional discounts that last for a limited period of time and are not necessarily student-specific promotions. These types of deals will also appear on our Flash Discount sub-page. The time limit also makes marketing communications relevant and the time pressure encourages purchases.

Student Status Check via API Endpoint

With our easy-to-integrate solution based on OAuth, our partners can easily verify the student status of users on their own site. It works in a similar way to a Google Login.

The student clicks on the “Verify my student status” button and is then taken to Diverzum where they can log in or verify themselves. We will then return the information about student status to our partner.

This solution further optimises conversion among Generation Z youth, allows for customer segmentation and provides additional brand awareness among the 175,000 users of Diverzum.

Our Investors (among others)


Péter Balogh
Super Angel Investor

MBH Fintechlab

András Fülöp
Former Managing Partner – Deloitte

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